How can I fulfill a dream of bank robbery?

My FIL is awaiting news about a possibly terminal illness. In the meantime, I’d like to scratch things off his bucket list. At the top is robbing a bank (lol.) Any thoughts on how I can simulate this experience for him? I know this is a ridiculous request, but I love him so much and he is OBSESSED with bank robbers! I was thinking I could maybe do an escape room if I can’t think of anything better. Thanks for any thoughts!

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39 thoughts on “How can I fulfill a dream of bank robbery?”

  1. whobetterthankyle

    I think you should have him listen to a podcast: The Score Season 1, The Bank Robber Diaries. He’d probably love it, plus not want to do it himself anymore.

  2. Why simulate? What are they going to do, lock him up for life? Most likely won’t live out his trial.

    PS: I am obviously kidding.

  3. Might be a weird answer, but have you thought about approaching a small, local bank? Explain the situation and be really honest, and ask if any of the employees would be willing to simulate a “robbery” early on a Sunday (when banks are typically closed). If I worked at a bank & someone came up to me with this suggestion, I would do whatever I could to make it happen for an old man’s bucket list.

  4. Based on the numbers, you should be able to do it. People typically get caught after 3 or 4 banks, so if you do 1 and quit, you can check that box off your FIL’s list.
    (This is not financial advice)

  5. You should definitely watch la casa de papel (money heist) series on Netflix. It is amazing series about bank robbery

  6. advancedgamer14

    You could do a Brooklyn Nine-Nine style heist. Challenge your friend to “steal” a specific item from you without you realizing it.

  7. There are heist escape rooms, I bet there is one bank themed – I have personally done a jewelry heist escape room where you have to retrieve & escape with the goods. Can’t say it’s very realistic though if that’s what you’re aiming for 🙁

  8. If you live or near a big city maybe contact the cities police department human resources or whatever (I honestly don’t know who you’d talk to someone who handles public stuff) and see if they have any swat drills coming up with bank scenario in mind might be a total long shot though and slim but who knows what they might do for a terminal guy.

  9. My username is my fed number. I’m an actual honest-to-god bank robber with proof. If you want, I can talk to him about the crimes and licks I’ve hit. I don’t do it anymore, but if you’re interested hit me up. I’m a coherent and decent person these days. Also, I know some other dudes that I’ve done time with that might be interested in talking about it too.

  10. DreddPirateBob4Ever

    Look into your local LARP (live action role play) community. It’s not all elves and swords and there may well be a team who’ll be right up for something like this or will know somebody who will. Maybe have a look around for nerf or Airsoft gamers too. A bank wouldn’t be too hard to build the interiors for and, if anything, everyone will want to take a turn 🙂 hell, people would pay to take part.

    Big love to him, you and all yours and full respect for coming at this with action.

  11. If he has a terminal illness just plan one out for him and have him to it. On god bank robbery is so much easier than they make it look in the movies just hit a small bank. I knew a guy, he robbed a bank without a gun or anything, just put his hand in his jacket pocket and handed the teller a note saying it was a gun and he wanted the money. He got all of it and would have gotten away with it if is dumbass did not write the note on an atm receipt with his name on it.

  12. oh man i thought i was on r/ILPT and thought you wanted to pull of a real heist. people suggesting VR games for training and stuff

  13. Really bank robberies aren’t that exciting. Go to your kitchen, Stan on one side of the counter and have him nervously approach the other side of the counter. Then, have him pass you a note saying “give me all the cookies, no dye pack”

    Give him the cookies, and when he walks out the front door shoot one of those gender reveal powder bombs at him to simulate the dye pack.

  14. The fbi has a fake mini city somewhere they train for stuff like this.

    Ask if u can use it.

    Or just build one. 👀

  15. I did an escape room once that was like robbing a bank. It was an old-timey bank but we got to set off “dynamite” to open the vault. It was a lot of fun

  16. Please update us on what you do and how he likes it.

    Its awesome that he has so much love from his family(And random internet strangers)
    sending love to him and hopes for an easy transition and peaceful journey

  17. If money is not an issue you could do it with a whole fake building set up, like as if you are filming a movie. With paid actors! Lol

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