How do I fix this nasty pink stain? Landlord said it was “cleaner chemicals” from previous tenant. Okay-Ed us to lay down new vinyl. Now I’m thinking this is not from a chemical but from MOLD coming up from under it… (more in comments)

How do I fix this nasty pink stain? Landlord said it was “cleaner chemicals” from previous tenant. Okay-Ed us to lay down new vinyl. Now I’m thinking this is not from a chemical but from MOLD coming up from under it… (more in comments)

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49 thoughts on “How do I fix this nasty pink stain? Landlord said it was “cleaner chemicals” from previous tenant. Okay-Ed us to lay down new vinyl. Now I’m thinking this is not from a chemical but from MOLD coming up from under it… (more in comments)”

  1. Substantial-Risk9734

    House has always had a musty smell I’ve tried to find the source of. Slab on grade house. The kitchen stain (2nd & 3rd pic) has significantly gone down since they installed a radon mitigator right by kitchen. Anyone else had to deal with nastiness growing under the vinyl?

  2. That looks like something that is put down for roaches. We use it work in basements for those huge water bug roaches

  3. Clearly moisture coming up through cracks in the slab. Depends on what type of landlord you have but you are either going to have your house tipped upside down while at waiting for repairs or find a new place to live. Once you remove the old vinyl there will be no choice but to address the issues

  4. TorreyPinesGirl

    It’s possibly staining from a rubber backed rug. This happened in my Mom’s kitchen, some rugs can’t be used on vinyl floors for this reason.

  5. If your worried about mold simplest thing to do is get an air quality test conducted by a microbiologist not a so it yourself kit

  6. “okayed us to lay down new vinyl” means you’re paying for repairs the landlord should be paying for

  7. You’re renting a place and YOU’RE THE ONE putting new floors in? The fuck? Your landlord should be doing that. Don’t waste your money

  8. Legs_DeLa_LtDan

    My family has had rentals forever and we are all diy people. From what I’ve seen personal I think it’s a combo of stuff. Somebody previously probably had a rubber bottom mat around the toilet and the wax ring went bad causing small amounts of fluid to pool under the mat. When that happens the mat gets stuck to the vinyl and, if it dries, will stain. Sometimes, when it’s gone on a while, it can start to warp the vinyl and what’s underneath. I’d say get a home mold test kit and pull up a tile and test for it. But wear a mask/goggles just in case!

  9. Miserable_Star_6570

    Your landlord sucks for not spending $50 to replace that cheap sheet vinyl floor after the last tenant. Maybe I’m just OCD but I’d be embarassed to show my rental to potential tenants with easily fixable damage.

    Edit: If there is water intrusion and possibly mold, you need to report them to whatever tenant advocate agencies exist where you live. Mold is a legit reason to break your lease.

  10. I don’t see that being mold. Mold wouldn’t come up through vinyl.

    You can just lay new linoleum right over the old stuff if you’re afraid of disturbing the potential mold. It’s not ideal but it’s commonly done.

  11. I think what we’re seeing here is a stain caused by bacteria that are thriving in a damp environment. The moisture in the bathroom is pretty obvious, coming from people getting out of the shower and a possible leak around the toilet. But the moisture in the kitchen may be more serious and coming from a crack in the foundation. I would put money on a big crack being under that vinyl. Your landlord needs to take care of this.

  12. First things first. This looks like it could be 2 separate issues. I assume that the toilet is in bathroom and the additional photos are in a kitchen. Is this flooring over top of a concrete slab or installed over a plywood subfloor? It makes a big difference in determining what’s the cause of the stains.

  13. I’ve had that before, Vinyl is likely water damaged, possible leak at the base of the toilet or from the mat being damp on top. If at all possible I’d avoid having Vinyl in bathrooms or where it can easily get waterdamaged

  14. U can put removable liner paper on the floor, its cheap and looks great. Theres a lady on Tik tok that does removable decor for Apts and shes done it and says it lasts well.

  15. It’s from a plastic coating called red guard..or that would be my guess. That’s what it looks like after it drys.

  16. Yonkie_bnthrdnthat

    Pink Mold and/or hair dye would respond to a strong acid or a strong base. Try vinegar for the acid; dilution of ammonia or bleach (as a base w pH 11).

    The color is so intense I agree with the other comments that it is hair dye.

    A plasticizer could pull the color out of the vinyl floor but this is a very unlikely cause of the stain

  17. afriendofsloths

    I did apartment maintainence for years, and pink stains often meant meth lab. Unless you live someplace where its hard to find an apartment, I’d reccomend looking for another place ASAP. If you can get a black light, turn it on in your apartment; if there are pink stains on the walls/celinngs, and especially in the closet, then you really need to get out. Landlord can’t keep your deposit, etc., if there was a lab in there, plus you needed to be informed.

  18. energeticallypresent

    Why would you ever offer to pay for renovations to someone else’s property? Make them get in there and fix it on their dime

  19. Secondhand third picture definitely look like slow leak water damage. It’s an easy fix pull the toilet and reseal the ring. The bright pink is frightening however, it probably is mold and the floor and sub floors would need to be replaced not just covered to fix the problem.

  20. We had something like this. It’s from the old vinyl You can clean it off but the stain will reappear. It leaches up from below.

  21. They dragged the body it looks like in picture 2, they drowned the victim in the toilet water then dragged it and hid it in cabinet 🤭😳

  22. It’s a die from a form of bacteria that thrives in hot moist environments. Google pink stained vinyl and you can find more info.

  23. clockworkdiamond

    I’m a home inspector, and that doesn’t look like mold to me. That being said, pictures don’t always convey what things look like in real life, so if you suspect it is mold, spray it with a bleach solution, or a bleach-based bathroom cleaner, and check it out after 5 minutes or so. Pretty much all mold and mildew will vanish pretty quickly with bleach.

  24. I had the same thing on the floor of my old apartment. Pinkish colored stains around the seal at the base of the toilet and also in a few small spots on the linoleum at the apartments entryway. All of the stains proved to be mold after flooring was pulled up! As it turns out, I’m highly allergic to mold. 💁‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤷‍♀️ Definitely no allergies to hair dye though! Lol! Just be careful and I’d wear face coverings and gloves myself. Two trips to urgent care was enough to convince me!!

  25. warmhandswarmheart

    This is entirely speculation but that line looks like the remaining old linoleum (after an unsuccessful attempt to remove) it under the new or a bad glue job. The staining could be dye from the old linoleum or pigment from the glue. You may have moisture leaking from somewhere on the toilet, either from the stack or the tank.

  26. I was a landlord for 20years, on-site. In my state you are required to paint between tenants,and I never let any repair delay. Had happy cooperative tenants. I rented for @17 years in same highly desired neighborhood before I bought and restored my foreclosed double. As renter, worst apt was 1st- carpeting in bathroom(not legal in NYS) literal mushrooms growing from carpet and soft spots in floor from rot under leaky tub. Mold in tub constant. On site landlord flatly refused any repairs,(Dentist) evicted us for complaining.Shame on him. If you’re up front with tenants,have a good lease,ie no cosmetic changes without approval, communication way easier. I always let my tenants pick new bedroom paint colors if desired, and discounted rent if they painted. My best landlord did simple things like that and it does help make all happy. Save receipts for new vinyl, install properly take lots of pics and most will appreciate the cosmetic upgrade. And if they’re unsure what made stain? Yeah they need to correct or allow change.

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