9 thoughts on “How to make a round frame.”

  1. I’m still learning to use the reddit app, I hope a photo first, followed by this message is appropriate.

    How would you make a round frame, or bend narrow planks to a certain radius?

  2. The one in this picture is made by cutting a “C” shape with 45° ends and attaching to a straight piece with 45° ends. You can tell by the wood grain.

  3. I’d make a hexagon (or maybe octagon) from 4×2, and then cut the circle from that. I think that’s how this one was made, looking at the grain directions.

    You’ll want some sort of tenon at the joints. Domino is the obvious way, but not every home shop can justify one of those, so maybe dowels or loose tenons in hand cut mortices.

    tl;dr Get some wood, and remove the bits that aren’t round frame.

  4. RustyToaster206

    I normally get a square sheet of wood and then just use a jigsaw to shape it up, then sand it of course! And as others have mentioned, if you get a good piece that you want to bend, use a steaming method you can find on YouTube

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