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  1. If you turn the midle part it will come out. You dont need to pull all the light fixture. Outside rim should stay in the ceiling. Just put your fingers and turn inner ring.

  2. Exciting_Clock2807

    Inner circle allows to lamp to rotate around horizontal axis, but cannot be twisted/unscrewed. Entire installation is softly held by a couple of springs on the sides. Springs allow me to partially pull it out of the ceiling, but I’m afraid to pull it harder to avoid damaging the ceiling. I tried to unscrew the lamp itself, but no luck.

  3. I think it is a push and quarter turn while holding it in. I had one like that, it was surprisingly easy to remove after I did it the first time.

  4. Push the bulb in just a little and twist it just a little. It should fall right out. If it helps, you can look at a spare bulb to see the pins on the back

  5. Exciting_Clock2807

    Update: I was able to pull it out (one of the springs jumped out of the pins that were holding it, and I was able to pull out the rest, and then the spring).


    But I still cannot figure out how to take the bulb out. It is being held between two metal parts which are connected between each other and to the outer part using rivets, not bolts.

  6. First of all, make sure there is no current. Then with your thumb and index press the springs and pull the whole spotlight down gently. Nevermind if you damage the ceiling a bit, it will be covered by the spotlight when you put it back. Be careful when you let go of the springs when the light is out of the ceiling. Release them slowly or they will snap and hit your fingers. After the light is out, there should be something like a white porcelain fixture where the light screws. Hold this and unscrew the lamp. Then press the springs again and out the light back in place. Once it’s on the ceiling, you can move it a bit to align it or to cover minor damage.

  7. Exciting_Clock2807

    Success: https://imgur.com/a/Te6QLaq

    All I had to do was to pull out the middle (inner on the first photos) ring. It is not held by rivets, just put on top of the inner most and held by friction. I could have pulled it out without taking out entire installation.

  8. Here is a pic of what the base of the bulb looks like: [https://5fc98fa113f6897cea53-06dfa63be377ed632ae798753ae0fb3f.ssl.cf2.rackcdn.com/product_images/files/000/035/964/legacy_product_detail_large/5060_ac1f43857c2591041945d286d38bb3968d1ad940_original.jpg?1429824821](https://5fc98fa113f6897cea53-06dfa63be377ed632ae798753ae0fb3f.ssl.cf2.rackcdn.com/product_images/files/000/035/964/legacy_product_detail_large/5060_ac1f43857c2591041945d286d38bb3968d1ad940_original.jpg?1429824821)

    Press on the front of the bulb and rotate counter clockwise a fraction of a turn.

  9. Seeing as nobody else is mentioning this, a word of warning…


    Do *NOT* try and remove these when you have only recently turned them off, unless you want to do crimes and leave no fingerprints. Halogen lamps get incredibly hot and will burn like buggery

  10. Lots of wrong answers – this bulb is taken Out from the rear. This is a gimballed model so doesn’t have the twist and release from the front for the bulb to drop out.

    1.Do what you did with pulling the assembly out of the hole – it’s just a couple of spring loaded clips. It will make sense once yuo take it out all the way out and the clips snap back into place.

    2. The bulb is held in by a clip to the housing. You’ll see This better when you have the housing out. It’s just pulls out (a bit up and a lot sideways!

    3. The GU10 connection just twists about 15 degrees to one side and pops off.

    4. Reverse directions to reassemble and put back in.

  11. There are two springs holding it into the ceiling I can see them in the second picture press those in and pull it out otherwise they’ll snap your finger when you pull the whole unit down. Once it’s out you should be able to unplug it from the cable and replace it that way.

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