11 thoughts on “How to season carbon steel:”

  1. TwoSillyStrings

    WARNING! Do not do this unless you have a hood fan that exhausts outside or you are comfortable with the smell of burning oil for extended periods of time.

  2. Naah to much work, cook something with the damn thing and just gently wash it afterwards. The oil polymer layer will build up overtime and voilà.

  3. What does seasoning actually do to the surface of the wok? Does it add a layer of burned-in oil on it that doesn’t wash off easily? Thereby creating a non stick layer?

  4. What a wok of shit. Seriously. Just fucking cook for god’s sake. There doesn’t have to be a “recognition” ceremony.

  5. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson Chinese alter ego meme is The Wok. There are various videos on YouTube about The Wok together with Zhong Xina (John Cena’s Chinese alter ego meme).

  6. I personally use significantly less oil than that. Like a couple drops at best. That seemed to be too much that could have been spilled over. I rather do an extra coat or two than to deal with a grease fire.

    Also anyone new, use a dish towel you don’t care about it. It’ll now be ruined.

  7. What are the products used? Dish detergent and some kind of oil? But what’s the powder? Also, why did you film it horizontally and post it vertically?

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