6 thoughts on “Tips on trying to restore these windows? (All four glass panes are removable)”

  1. By “restore “ you mean what? Looks like those are single pane and you have storm windows too. Remove all broken glass. Clean all remaining glass. Scrub the frames and clean tracks. Replace glass. Done. You can paint the frames black if you want to. Tape off theglass, scrub the frames with Ajax powder, rinse, use a self etching primer then paint. (Edit- you could remove all glass, scrub and paint frame then reinstall glass using silicone not glazing putty)

  2. IMHO- get rid of those wasteful, leaking, single pane windows.

    Replace them with new double or triple pane technology. Keeop your heat/cold inside.

  3. Sometimes, there’s a corrupted master boot record. So if you don’t want to completely replace it you can just use the repair function.

  4. Sounds like you are looking for a temporary fix. Home Depot sells a bunch of different foam gaskets you can use to reduce the draft. It’s by Frost King I think. You can also get plastic sheet that’s like cling wrap to help insulate more.

  5. Clean them up and replace glass. I’m gonna play devils advocate here and say that you don’t necessarily need new windows. Having storm windows essentially gives you double paned windows. Storm windows can offer a similar R value to cheap vinyl windows. If they clean up well and are not drafty then save yourself the money. Aluminum windows kind of suck in general though even besides the efficiency aspect. But judging by the photos your house is mid-century and cleaned up and maybe painted would look really good with your style of house. The thin frames are a nice feature, vinyl windows look chunky.

  6. cherrycoffeetable

    You could probably find a replacement window for ~$200 if you shop around at home clearance centers or craigslist

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