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  1. ***Details:*** This is a letter sent to my grandfather(whom I never had the chance to meet) and it contains a disc inside… People think it’s from a journalist sent to him but no one’s been able to find the device to play it from.
    ***Could anyone figure out how to generate an output for this thing?***

  2. Thats a [Soundscriber disk](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SoundScriber), you can find pictures of other disks in other sizes on google.

    As to how to play it, my understanding is that it’s basically an 33.3 LP. HOWEVER, the vinyl is very very soft so you won’t get many playbacks, and some quick googling suggests it’s a bit of a nightmare to get it working on a modern turntable.

    Original machines may turn up now and then on ebay?

    But the best route here will definitely be to get professionals to do it, and there are some google hits for this (I searched for: professional audio restoration “soundscriber”).

    No clue what that would cost, however.

  3. I would find out how much it costs to get it done professionally.

    If it is a lot then I would test it first.

    Get a sewing pin and force it through a foil tart case, then VERY gentle rest the ping into the groove whilst it is rotating on a turntable. That will give you a tinny idea of what you are getting and you can make a decision.

    If it is cheap then just get it done.

  4. Cool! I don’t know how expensive they were at the time, but even if it’s something completely mundane, I bet it will be like a time capsule of speech, thinking, happenings.

  5. Wow never knew there were discs that small and thin back in the 50s. Looking forward to an update if it happens

  6. So can it be played on an old record player ? I ask because they have some old record players on sale at ChinaMart as we speak!

  7. foodzillavsgothra

    Looks like everyone solved the problem here.

    Just want to remind people to never underestimate the power of a Librarian. If you don’t know what to do with a thing like that, find a Librarian. Go to a Uni Library if need be. They know everything about archiving and have all the gear to read the odd things.

  8. I think DJ Shadow (it might have been one of his Unkle projects) used one of these on an album. They allowed people to make personal recorded messages that they could post to each other back in the mid 20th C. Really interesting!

  9. partyongarth788

    I found information about a company that digitizes such older formats:

    One thing, with a high quality phonograph, with an excellent light weight stylus/tone arm, it might work. One issue they created their recordings by creating the analog grooves through bending the plastic (waves in by the bottom rather than side to side wall waves of other records.

    As a kid, a neighbors dad had one he used for his law practice. It was at his house, so it might have no longer been used that way. We played with it and cut our own records.

  10. I had found one of these and got it to play by taping it to my turntable platter using double sided tape. It didn’t sound great and wasn’t special to me so I wasn’t scared of wrecking it. If you are willing to do the work/pay the price it’s prob better to get it done professionally or using the actual machine since it has sentimental value. Would love to know what’s on it!

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